Our Process & Services

Wealth Management

Knowledge of the Global Market

Many people have interests in more than one country, so managing their needs can be complex. We at ARC Capital specialize in managing assets globally and understand the legal, fiscal and financial implications of living international lives.


ARC is committed to transparency, so our clients know where there money is invested at all times.

Personal Service for Individualized Solutions

Whether you have businesses or properties in several countries, children studying abroad, as well as diverse leisure and philanthropic interests; the experts at ARC will listen to your story and try to fulfill your personal needs. Working closely with you, your personal investment manager will analyze and evaluate your current circumstances and risk tolerance, guiding you to make the best decisions.

Wealth Management Process

Analyze & Plan

  • Determine portfolio objectives and risk parameters
  • Conduct cash flow analysis and long term income requirements
  • Establish the investment policy statement (IPS)

Design & Research

  • Design strategic and tactical asset allocation models
  • Conduct rigorous due diligence using Institutional-quality analytics

Assess & Construct

  • Assess market and macroeconomic trends to find a suitable asset allocation
  • Construct a diversified investment portfolio

Evaluate & Review

  • Monitor and measure portfolio performance
  • Rebalance for tax efficiencies and risk mitigation
  • Evaluate financial objectives and reassessment of IPS

Full Spectrum

ARC offers the full spectrum of wealth management

ARC offers various tools and investment vehicles to provide to wealthy individuals and their families to grow and maintain their wealth.

Our Services

Banking Services

We collaborate with a wide range of banks globally to identify the one best suited to your needs.


Invest across assets and geographies to minimize concentration risk.

Tax Structuring

Our tax team is specialized in providing a comprehensive tax strategy to minimize your global tax rate.

Succession Planning

We work closely with our clients to ensure seamless transition between old and new leadership teams of their companies.