Offshore Services

Offshore Services

Asset Protection

Offshore jurisdictions are renowned for their favorable asset protection laws complementing an offshore company with offshore banking facilities and thereby protect company’s assets even further. In addition, offshore companies enable people who are restricted by their local legislation from participating in certain overseas investment opportunities, especially regarding transactions of real estate can be done by transferring shares of an offshore company; thus, saving time and money on legal and other costs for the transfer.

Low Taxation

Most offshore companies pay no local taxes on the income derived from its operations, i.e. the activities outside the jurisdiction of the company’s residence. These offshore companies include Belize IBC, Seychelles IBC, BVI BC and others.


Offshore companies can shield private assets from examination of third parties. Registrars in most offshore jurisdictions do not disclose information about directors, shareholders and beneficiaries of offshore companies. Thus, the underlying principal may carry out all relevant transactions in the name of an offshore company.

Offshore Services

International business company

Offshore company resides in special economic regions which enables people all over the world to establish international business company, bind by local jurisdictions and legal constraints. By utilizing an offshore company, it may be possible to secure various advantages.

Other Features

Lower Operating Costs and Fees

International Trading

Holding Property or Fixed Asset

Holding Investments in Subsidiary Companies