M&A Sell Side

Some of the Reasons for Selling your Company


Succession plans

Most companies can only survive 2-3 generations. Thus, it is of great importance to find a suitable successor that can carry the legacy of your business.


Focus on new opportunities

If management is not optimistic in the future of the business, but there are great investment opportunities elsewhere, it is a great time for management to cash out and seek a new challenge.


Be part of something bigger

In many instances, the acquirer is a listed company which prefer payment through a combination of cash and stocks. If so, you will own part of the acquirer’s shares and may benefit from dividends.


Concentration on core business

M&A Sell Side

Selling a company is a long and complex process. Preparing for a sell process takes at least 12 months, and the process itself can take another 12 months. ARC works diligently with your company to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

ARC has the required experience to ensure the deal closes successfully in an efficient and concise manner. Executives can continue to run their daily businesses as usual, while our team works in the background, orchestrating the completion of the M&A transaction.

M&A Sell Side Process and Services

When it comes to capital investment in existing and profitable businesses, our network of industry experts can help take your transaction from start to finish.

M&A Sell Side Process

Assessment and Preparation

Due diligence


Finding the Potential Buyer