M&A Buy Side

Why do companies merge?


Diversification can be achieved through M&A

When acquiring an unrelated company or merging with it, one can penetrate a completely new market.


An M&A can also help a company to increase its market share in the short term

This is achieved by horizontal integration. This is not only much faster than to expand internally, the company also eliminates a competitor in the process, as well as being able to leverage the strategic advantages of the acquired company.


Decrease Cost

By integrating upstream or downstream in the value chain, a firm can decrease its cost and save the margins that the supplier or retailer were previously charging.


Other Reasons

There are several other benefits to M&A, including decreasing cost, tax efficiencies, and leverage.

Why Us?

ARC Capital M&A team has marked experience in cross-border transactions in emerging economies; bridging between Latin America and Asia

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M&A Buy Process and Services

When it comes to capital investment in existing and profitable businesses, our network of industry experts can help take your transaction from start to finish.

M&A Buy Side Process

Establish an acquisition plan

Evaluate financial capability

Conduct target industry assessment

Develop screening criteria

Prepare acquirer's business profile

Produce and execute a target marketing plan

Create target business profiles of candidates, including valuations

Select optimum candidate

Present purchase offer to target and negotiate

After acceptance, conduct due diligence

Close the transaction